Royal Family Mapper

I created a program that web scrapes Wikipedia to create a family tree of the British royal family. It then uses a pruning algorithm to efficiently find a path between any two nodes.

Wordle Solver

I created a program to find the best word at any state in the popular word game Wordle.

Cyber Cycler

I worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a virtual reality biking game to encourage blood flow in people undergoing functional electrical stimulation.


As part of my role hosting servers, I would often find myself helping users optimize their server. To save myself time, and to extend my help to more people, I created a Discord bot that analyzes a server's performance through a timing delay report and offers tips for server owners to effectively optimize.

Offline Occupancy Mapping for the Microsoft HoloLens 2

I built a 3D mapping of a room from infrared (IR) sensor data acquired by the Microsoft Hololens 2.

RRT* Path Planning Implementation for a 4-DOF Laparoscope with 3D Visualization

I used the RRT* algorithm to find and graph a path between two states of a laparoscope.

Minecraft Plugins

I used Java and SQL to create and release several Minecraft plugins on Spigot with over 30000 downloads in total. Additionally, I created additional plugins as part of freelance work for clients who appreciated my public plugins. I also contributed to several other popular plugins, and have become the primary maintainer of one of them. You can view all of my public plugins on my Spigot page.


One of my least favorite parts about Discord ticket bots is that I either have to host them myself or have their features so limited by paywalls that they become unusable. As the owner of dedicated machines, I did not have an issue with hosting but did recognize the need for such a bot for people who do not have a machine to run the bot on. In an attempt to help out, I made my own free open-source self-hosted Discord ticket bot.

Protect The Public

For my final project in my introductory Game Design course, my team spent five months on Unity developing a PC game with C#. 

Human vs. Zombies

For my project in my Software Engineering course, my team spent five months on Unity developing a game while learning about software development principles, and creating several documentations. I helped in the creation of the game itself as well as the software requirements specification, software design document, and functional test plan & test case descriptions. You can learn more or play the game from my teammate's page.